Get Free IMVU Credits!

Earn Free IMVU Credits with and Twitter 

Contest has been temporarily discontinued until further notice. is giving away 5000 IMVU credits each and every week!

These are not promo credits but real credits that you can use to buy things on IMVU.

No purchase is necessary but it sure helps if you do.

 Here is How to Enter Our Free IMVU Credit Contest: 

Step 1:  You must have an IMVU avatar account.

Step 2:  Have a Twitter account.

Step 3:  Be a follower of @lisnevash

Step 4:  Post our twitter message to your twitter account. (only 1 entry per day or 1 extra entry per day if you make a credit purchase)


 You must post this Twitter message: 


( Click Here to Enter Automatically )


After you copy/paste and post the message above on Twitter, just wait and continue following our posts to see if you've won!

If you DO win one of our weekly contests, you will automatically be sent 5000 IMVU Credits.
(Not Promo Credits... REAL IMVU CREDITS! You can do whatever you want with them!)

Remember, you have to post our Twitter message every day if you want a chance at winning every week!
(Contest entries are reset every week to give everyone a fair chance of winning.)

Good luck, and happy tweeting!

( is not affiliated with Twitter in any way.)


Contest has been temporarily discontinued