Verify Purchase - Message Sent

Your message has been sent.

Once you forward your email receipt from PayPal we will finish verifying your account.

Please be patient as this is a security check to fight fraud.

This process usually takes anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

Fill out the Verify Purchase form 1 time only. Multiple replies will only delay the verification process.


You must forward your PayPal Receipt you received by email to

Forward your PayPal Receipt 1 time only. Forwarding your PayPal Receipt multiple times will delay the delivery of your credits.

send us a Copy and Paste of your transaction from PayPal's website as this IS NOT an acceptable form of verification.

Until you forward your PayPal confirmation you received by email we will not release your credits.



Instructions on how to forward an email:

  1. Select or open the message you want to forward.
  2. Using the Message menu, select Forward, or click Forward on the toolbar. The message you received will appear in a new message window.
  3. Leave the subject field as it is or change it. The subject will typically be preceded by "FW:" so that your recipients know it's a forwarded message.
  4. Type the e-mail address in the Send To column
  5. Click Send.