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Current Buying Rate:
$35.00/100,000 credits


Sell Your IMVU Credits

To sell your credits fill out and submit the form at the bottom of this page. The minimum credit purchase is 100,000.

NOTE: There is a 2% processing fee from PayPal for developers outside the United States.


Partners may click here to sell your credits.


Become an Associate

Get better rates, get more perks. Become a partner and get up to $40 per 100,000 credits. Interested in becoming an assoicate? Click here for more details.



To sell your credits:

  • You must be a developer.
  • Your credits came from your own product sales.
  • You do not have any products that violate any copyrights including songs or stolen textures.
  • You do not have any products improperly rated or have any UFI content.
  • There is an additional $1 processing fee if you sell less than 150,000 credits.


Please Note:

Developers may only sell credits in which they have earned from sales of their products.


Sell Credits Form

To sell your credits please fill out the form below.

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