Request Form - Banned Avatar

You received the message: Unable to sell credits to this avatar.

Why did I get this message? Your IMVU account has been flagged for possible suspicious or fraudulent activity.

There are multiple reasons why your account was flagged.
Possible reasons may be:
  • you bought credits from us and did not verify your purchase by email as required
  • you do not have a validated email address with IMVU
  • buying more than your daily/weekly limit
  • unusual or excessive buying activity
  • you purchased for multiple avatar accounts
  • the IMVU account does not match the billing information of the account holder
  • you filed a dispute against us (this could lead to termination of your account)
  • you are under the age of 18
  • the account you are buying for is under the age of 18


The form below is for accounts that were disabled to buy credits and would like their accounts enabled again. It may be necessary to provide proof if the billing address of the account holder does not match the IMVU account holder.

NOTE: By submitting this form we will review the account again. However, filling out the form does not guarantee that we will reinstate your account.

To request to have your account enabled again fill out the form below:

Avatar Name: