Sell Credits - Message Sent

Thank you for selecting Credits from Lisnevash as your IMVU credit seller.

Buying Rate:

$25.00/100,000 credits

You no longer have to wait for an email to send your credits. Follow the instructions below.


To Sell Your Credits You Need To:

  1. Send them to my account: CreditsFromLisnevash
  2. Include your paypal address in the comments section when sending them.
  3. Send a return email that you transferred the credits to my account.
    • There is a 2% processing fee from PayPal for developers outside the United States. (minimum $1.00)
    • There is a $1 processing fee from PayPal for developers within the United States.
    • There is an additional $1 processing fee if you sell less than 150,000 credits.


Please allow sufficient time for payment if I am not at my computer.

If you have any additional questions email me at



Remember... to sell your credits:

  • You must be an IMVU developer.
  • Your credits came from your own product sales.
  • You do not have any products that violate any copyrights including songs or stolen textures.
  • You do not have any products improperly rated or have any UFI content.
  • PayPal charges a $1 processing fee for developers in the United States.
  • PayPal charges a 2% processing fee for developers who do not reside in the United States. (minimum $1.00)
  • If you sell less than 150,000 credits there is an additional $1 processing fee.
  • 1st time sellers: Once your account is verified with IMVU we will send payment. This process can take up to 24 hours. Otherwise, repeat sellers: as soon as we see the credits transferred we will send your payment.


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